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Dr. Roy Periana – Director, Scripps Energy and Materials Laboratories

Dr. Periana

Co-Founder and Member of Board of Directors, Qateomix, Inc. Covina, CA Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellowship, 2007 Topics in Current Chemistry. Volume Editor: C-H Activation, 2005 “Seminaire Hors-Ville en Chimie Inorganique” Switzerland, September, 2001 Catalytica Adv. Technologies, Inc. Co-Founder and Vice President 1994 – 2000 Chairman of National ACS Inorganic Symposium in 1999

 Research Focus: Design and Study of Coordination Catalysts for Small Molecule Conversion

CH4 (and other hydrocarbons) N2, O2, H2O and CO2 are among the most abundant raw materials on Earth. The chemical conversions of these small molecules generate the majority of the World's energy and materials. However, in spite of over 75 years of research, key fundamental chemistry challenges remain that lead to the generation of substantially more emissions, faster depletion of reserves, higher costs and greater dependence on petroleum than required. The focus of our research is to address these challenges and to design a new generation, Single-Site, coordination catalysts for the direct, selective, low temperature conversion of these molecules that would be substantially more efficient, lower cost and allow the use of abundant CH4 for the production of Energy, Fuels and Chemicals.

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